Much of what I learned about being a leader I learned as an athlete and then refined those skills as a firefighter and later as a soldier in Army. Chief among these is gather the right people beside you, then trust what they have to say, then act on that information.

As a great leader, I try to always gather all the right information and then make a decision and avoid being bogged down by paralysis of analysis. I believe a great leader provides clarity and direction which builds on a teams strengths and a common trust in each other.

With today's rapid pace of business and increasing, time pressures mean that today's managers live in an ever-changing and volatility world. In this environment, companies need a leader that can act under pressure in a clear calm and decisive manner.

As a leader, I have a reputation for making sound decisions in a timely manner even in a time crisis and uncertainty.  Having a leader that can stay calm and be decisive is essential for any company to good from good to great.

The dangers of taking too long to come to a decision are obvious. But making the wrong decision quickly can be just as catastrophic, I have always tried to be prepared and surrounding myself with a diverse group of independent thinkers and avoid team members that just echo my own thoughts. What this accomplishes is by fostering an environment where every voice within the team is heard and valued I can make decisions knowing that the problem has been evaluated from a variety of viewpoints. By giving a diverse team of independent thinkers with access to sufficient information and letting the team openly discuss alternatives I have been given great advice and been able to make clear decisive decisions that lead to awesome results.