In today's current business climate it is no different than it was 50 100 or even 1,000 years. Integrity is an integral part of building a long lasting great company. Two of the recent examples are how Pinto handled their gas tanks exploding and how Johnson & Johnson’s handled the Tylenol crisis one management team had a mindset of "if it is legal, then it is ethical" and the other had a mindset of enabling responsible conduct.

Ethical integrity shapes how a company designs their organizational systems and the decision-making process used by management and individuals. As each leader has I often have the opportunity to exercise this muscle with a strong belief in what is right is always the path I want to be on.

Using this strong foundation has provided me a reference and serves as a guide for the companies and individuals I work with to help make decisions across functions. Defining values helps all employees understand what a company is and what it stands for.