As a leader, when I am most passionate is when I am able to encourage and motivate others by simply caring about them, and helping them be the best at what they are doing.

My passion has always been to help others complete the task to their greatest ability and with that help them grow into being a better person.

Be warned. Working with someone as passionate as myself can be contagious.

What am I most passionate about, helping people. While helping others I have come to learn what I was taught so long ago and that is helping others brings its own joys and rewards. My reward has been a deep satisfaction and has helped me succeeded in a wide variety of situations. I believe in this so much I think a company should spend twice as much time on a passion statement than they do on a mission statement image what your company would look like if they were truly passionate about what they do.

My life is not about me. It is about all the people around me, the people I can touch, all the people I can impact and influence. This is what gets me up every day and excited to go out and work. Your perception of work changes when you care more about others than you do yourself.

Imagine a company that has top-notch employees with just the right skill set and education. Imagine that this company has all the right strengths, the knowledge and the experience to excel. Now imagine this company with employees that have no interest and are disengaged at work. Their heart isn’t in it they have no passion and are probably managed by a manager with no passion. A leader with passion is as contagious as one that does not but the owner that does can truly change their world.

As a leader that has passion, I live in a world where most things are possible with the right people and the right vision. As a leader I am keenly aware that I need to help others understand their passions so they can be placed in areas with the right responsibilities, it is great to be on the right bus now let's get everybody seated in the right seat.

My goal is to spread passion to others through a love of life, doing new things, taking risks, being motivated, and reinventing ourselves.