This is where I thrive my positive attitude and outlook on life and my belief in others has lead me to develop the ability to create great teams. Positivity has a lot to do with that.

In a time that most people only half listen and the half, they are listening to is only so they can respond. I care and that is why I listen and am open to people. I try to invite others to share what they really think and feel. I believe that "nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care" (Theodore Roosevelt). I approach questions with a concern about what people actually think. Coming from a position of kindness fosters a stronger team which brings greater creativity and better collaboration.  And that’s where things start to happens, through connection comes creativity.  And creativity is where opportunities really start to open up.”

It’s amazing to see the ideas that surface by fostering an environment where people are lifted up you begin to tap into an enormous collective drive.  You’re able to come together and move things forward.