Emmett Armstrong

Emmett Armstrong

Owner at OnRamp Data

First of all, let me say that Gene has been one of my favorite co-workers of all time. If I had to describe Gene in one sentence, I would say, "Gene is a kind, caring, genuine individual and an excellent employee."

"Gene's strengths are on full display when he's managing others."

Cell 541-951-3992
Email emmett@onrampdata.com


Alex Poythress

Alex Poythress

Founder and Managing Director at OnRamp

"He was a great communicator and very effective at motivating and raising the standard for employee performance."

"I recommend Gene for any position requiring excellent people management skills, communication, critical thinking, constant learning, and a great work ethic."

Phone  800-510-7207
Email  alex@naturewise.com


Micah Shanks

Micah Shanks

Founder and CEO at Life Line Computer Solutions

"Gene exemplifies the highest level of employee dedication, perseverance, and loyalty"

"Without question, Gene would be a great addition to any company..."

Phone 541-245-5527
Email micah@lifelinecomputersolutions.com


Paige Morford

Paige Morford

Marketing Strategist at Audio Precision

"His knowledge of business operations, sales and marketing was a huge advantage to our entire office."

"Along with his undeniable talent, Gene has always been an absolute joy to work with. He is a true team player and always manages to foster positive discussions and bring the best out of other employees."

Cell  541-622-5236
Email   paigermorford@gmail.com


Ryan Wittmers

Ryan Wittmers

Data Analyst at OnRamp Data

"Gene has equipped me with skills that I can now implement in other areas of my life. His dedication to his job always evident, and he will always make sure that the job gets done"

Cell 541-261-8210
Email ryan@onrampdata.com


Ashlee Espindola

Ashlee Espindola

Customer Service Supervisor at Sunday Afternoons

"Gene overall is professional, enthusiastic and focused on whatever he does."

"Gene was always enjoyable and pleasant to work with. He is a team player and is a good listener."

Cell 541-921-0167


Charles Kirschenmann

Charles Kirschenmann

Member Coach at Sharefaith

"I have found Gene to conduct himself with integrity both in his work life and in his personal life."

"Mr. Copley is an incredible manager of product and merchandise and most importantly, of people. I strongly encourage you to get to know Gene and create any opportunity you can to include him in your company."

Cell  541-222-2978
Email charlie@kirchenmann.me



Jay Wolfman

Service Manager for Kelly's Automotive

"I would give Gene my highest possible recommendation knowing that he will be a tremendous asset to any company or organization to which he commits himself to. Being a skilled and experienced businessman Gene brought tremendous wisdom."

Cell 541-830-4005


Jon McUne

Jon McUne

Accounting Manager at Cascade Athletic

"Mr. Copley is an incredible manager of product and merchandise and most importantly, of people."

"I strongly encourage you to get to know Mr. Copley and create any opportunity you can to include him in your company."

Cell 541-778-3650
Email  popwarnerfootball@hotmail.com


Shawn Oliveria

Shawn Oliviera

Owner/President Northwest Gifts

"Gene stays calm even during difficulties and can continue to think straight."

"I have the greatest respect for his marketing abilities."

Cell  541-708-1736
Email  airevilocorp@gmail.com


Kevin Lamson

Kevin Lamson

Executive Director at Hearts With A Mission

"I strongly support the character of Gene Copley, and feel he would be an asset to any organization."

Cell 541-261-2625
Email  kevin@heartswithamission.org


Greg Saffer 2

Greg Saffer

Owner Saffer Trading

"Honesty and integrity are not only important to him but are an integral part of his life as are his genuine concerns for those he works for and with"

"His responsibilities at Saffer Trading were many and varied, and without hesitation or reservation, Gene embraced the task"

Cell  (970) 946-5542
Email  greg@teampagosa.com


Dick Leonis

Dick Leonis

Business Operations Coordinator at Asante

"I found Dale to be extremely detail oriented and willing to listen to new ideas and new ways of thinking."

"In today's’ fast pace world, where gaining the attention of customers is challenging at best, the ability to plan and execute timely, efficiently and correctly are all traits Dale has to offer."

Cell (541) 840-1340
Email dleonis@gmail.com


Cole Harvey

Cole Harvey

 Owner at Innovative Enterprises

"His creative and sometimes out of the box thinking allows for progress to be made when most would have hit a wall solving the same problem."

"The positive mental thinking and his great people skills makes him an asset to any team he is a part of."

Cell  541-720-8108
Email  charvey@quiznos.com



Charles Boughner

Owner Vector Incorporate

"During the time that I have known dale I have seen him handle a variety of projects, whether it was dealing with new software development, building new businesses, or developing a team to accomplish company goals he has always excelled at everything he turns his attention to"

"Dale’s integrity and his ability to remaining calm in stressful situations is just a couple of the things I admire most about Dale."

Cell  541-690-9283
Email  Vectorincorporate@gmail.com


Cathy Thompson

Cathy Thompson

Owner Carpe Diems

"Gene, as well as being a leader, is also an asset as a team member with much to contribute to any project or task"

"Gene has a unique perspective and is able to look at projects from many different angles."

Cell  541-326-9167
Email  thompsonlccr@gmail


Cande Birch

Cande Birch

Manager for Rapid Refill

"His business insights on networking and advertising helped tremendously."

"His diligence, energy, and sense of humor make working with him a joy. I highly recommend him for any job he wishes to pursue. He will be an asset to any company."

Cell 541-690-6390